I create imagined landscapes with lush botanical forms and vibrant colors reminiscent of places I've loved, like my childhood home in Hawai'i and my current home in the Pacific Northwest. It has always been a priority for me to live close to inspiring natural areas because of the impact it has on my work and my state of mind.

Being surrounded by such beauty has always had a strong influence on the colors, textures, and forms that I incorporate into my paintings. I feel the pull to paint my impressions of these places even when they are just a warm memory on a cold day. I translate these memories into layers of color, text and texture, capturing moments suspended in time.

Working with encaustic wax, one of the oldest forms of painting, I layer hot beeswax, pigment and resin together, adding and subtracting layers until I get the look I want. No other type of painting offers such a unique combination of depth, luminosity and texture.

I teach studio workshops in Oregon and online encaustic classes that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Here's a peek inside my studio during one of my recent open studio events. If you missed this one, join my mailing list for notifications about what's coming up including Portland Open Studios in October.

Check out my Embracing Encaustic book series and links to my favorite encaustic resources.

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